UGOBE is out of business, Innvo Labs only deals with the Pleo rb. What's a Pleo owner to do?

The following are links to information on Do it Yourself fixes recommended by the Pleo Community. If you have a link that helped you fix your Pleo, please add it!

Neck RepairEdit

Paint RepairEdit

  • For skin color, Liquid Acrylic paints can work if applied carefully. Read Crewella's discussion on BobthePleo forums.
  • In the first Pleo, the teeth were painted white and that often chips off. Testor's White Enamel Paint #2545C does the trick.

Skin problemsEdit

  • Cyanoacrylate/CA glue solves small tears, and skin rips. Make sure to find a glue that has no acetone in it or says "foam-safe". The wrong glue can make the problem worse.
  • Consider buying a 'bricked'/'dead' pleo and skin it to repair skin on a live one. The skin comes off in three pieces (head, tail, body) and a very sharp knife carefully applied can tease it open. Then superglue everything back together.

Battery Edit

  • barneyj instructions on BobthePleo forums to refurb NiCad battery packs
  • Robostuff instructions using a 6xAA battery holder. Who need rechargables!