A complied list of hints on how to keep your Pleo happy and healthy for a long time.

  • If the battery feels hot after you use it, let it cool down before your put it in the re-charger.
  • To keep pleo skin from getting it's skin rubbed off, apply baby powder periodically or invest in a lightweight t-shirt.
  • Small dog supplies make great accessories including the below list. Take your Pleo with you to insure a good fit and amuse the pet store staff.
    • Carriers
    • Beds
    • Shirts
    • Collars
  • Innvo Labs suggests using 'Pledge' furniture polish once a month to condition the skin and keep it supple. BobthePleo forums users suggest 'Vinylex' (US) or 'AutoGlym Vinyl and Rubber Care' (UK) is probably more appropriate to the skin material.
  • Pleos and Pets - make sure that pets see a pleo as unthreatening (let it examine it while not moving). Introduce it slowly or you may end up with holes in your Pleo.
  • Pleos and Kids - They are a great pair, just make sure the child is taught to treat the pleo like a real baby. Very gently. Supervise small children.
  • Don't store your Pleo is the sleep position. Send it back to 'packing position' To get Pleo in the packing position either switch Pleo off quickly when he moves into that position or you can force him into the position by holding down the black Pleo button underneath for ten seconds.
  • Always turn off the Pleo before inserting or removing an SD card.