A pleo.

Pleo is an autonomous robotic life form modeled on a one-week-old Camarasaurus dinosaur. Originally created by UGOBE, it has been bought by Innvo Labs who continue to develop it.

There are 3 versions of Pleo. Pleo 1.0 and 1.1 were made by UGOBE and Pleo rb is made by Innvo Labs.

Reference materialEdit

  • Pleoworld - The Official Pleo website by Innvo Labs.
  • BobThePleo - Most important Forum for Pleos on the planet.


Caleb Chung, co-designer of the Furby, embarked on a new toy, the Pleo, based on a baby camarasaurus. Started in 2004, first views of it were in 2006, at the DEMO conference. Watch the video at Ted on the week Pleo hit the shelves in 2007. His company Ugobe (You Go Be) made the dinosaur and launched it. It was an expensive toy, but popular with the right crowd.

However by 2009 the financial crisis hit this luxury item hard. John Sosoka, the Chief Technical Officer (CTO) presented to Standford University EE380 lecture series class, entitled “The Rise and Fall of a Companion Robot: Lessons Learned from Pleo. Stanford has the video of the lecture .

Wikipedia has a nice overview of the Pleo , UGOBE company and current status as well.