A Plog is a Pleo's Blog. Users have to create a Plog on their Pleo's behalf. Here's how to do it. I wish it were easier, but so far this is the only way we've figured out how to do this.

  1. Become a registered user . Only registered users can create Blogs/Plogs.
  2. One you've signed in, go to
  3. A popup will appear and ask for "Blog post title", enter your title and select 'OK'.
  4. A window will appear will your Blog edit area.
  5. Categorize your Blog as a "Plog", by adding the category to the page. On the right hand navigation, find the "Categories" drop down, which will allow you to add categories. Enter 2 categories
    1. the word "Plog" - this will identfy your page as a plog, and appear on the Plog listing page. Enter the word in the "Add a category" box and hit enter.
    2. <NAME> - where <NAME> is the name of your pleo (ie Plinky). Enter the word in the "Add a category" box and hit enter.
  6. ​Now enter all the data for your Plog entry. When you are done select "Publish". You'll be able to edit it afterwards.
  7. You'll now see all your blog entries with "Plog" category entry on

If you have problems, post a request in the forums and we'll figure out how to help you set things up.